A recent explosion of local development and investment appears to be a catalyst for change sparking strong interest in Temora business opportunities and along with it, Temora real estate assets.

The Temora Shire Council recently held a public forum aptly named ‘Economic Boom’ which was facilitated by Economic Development Manager at TSC Craig Sinclair.

As a result of public and private sector investment, Temora Shire Council is anticipating a mini-economic boom over the next 5 years. A pipeline of investment in the hundreds of millions of dollars is forecast to bring hundreds of new permanent jobs and in excess of 1,000 temporary jobs, creating opportunities for local businesses and residents and making it a great time to invest in Temora.

The forum brought together a summary of all the approved
projects as well as presentations from two of the project leads. All in all, it
was an exciting evening where close to 200 people came to hear what a great
time it is to be living and investing in Temora.

Below is a brief summary of the economic activity that is creating all the buzz and opportunity.

Organic Growth

  • Numerous Council-driven community projects and upgrades such as Town Hall & Nixon Park upgrades
  • New 72 place Childcare Centre opened in April creating additional permanent jobs and facilitating the return to work for many parents
  • Hutcheon and Pearce recently completed stage 1 of 3 expansion and will create 11 new jobs over the next 5 years
  • Intersales, Cleverdons Steel, Temora Truck and Tractor all growing strongly on the back of Temora’s robust agriculture sector
  • Job Study of 7 local companies conducted by RDA Riverina forecasting 400+ additional permanent roles to be created in the next 5 years

Major Projects and Development

  • Temora West Rail Siding upgrade project beginning in 2019 and will employ 30+ project workers
  • Whiddon Group starting construction in late 2019 of a $3-5million 50 bed extension to the Narraburra Lodge aged care facility which will create 25 permanent positions on top of the short term project work it will generate
  • $120million Solar Farm at Sebastapol flagged to begin late 2019/ early 2020 will engage over 150 project workers while in its 14-month construction life span
  • $9.3Billion dedicated Rail Freight Line from Melbourne to Brisbane. Temora will benefit from one of the 13 sub-projects within the project, with the construction of a new rail line between Illabo and Stockinbingal. This will employ 1,000 workers over the life of the 2-year project peaking at 300 workers for a period of approx. 9 months.

The demands placed upon existing infrastructure from the ‘organic’ growth will be test-enough, let alone the impacts of the project and development work. When thinking about accommodation needs alone, when you consider that Temora currently only has circa 300 beds available for short-term accommodation needs, it is clear to see demand will outstrip supply, making it a great time to be investing in Temora Real Estate.

Opportunity to Invest…

Revive Central Apartments has been in operation since 2009 and offer sophisticated accommodation solutions for corporate executives and leisure travellers, from overnight stays to more medium-term lengths of stay for locums and similar. Having the additional space as well as facilities such as a fully equipped kitchen, large bathroom and separate lounge rooms, provides a great home away from home for the modern traveller.

The current owners of Revive are looking to divest of their investment at this opportune time, however, are willing to tailor their exit to meet the needs of a potential investor. While they are happy to continue running the business, they are offering an investor the opportunity of an easy to manage long-term corporate tenant (i.e. Revive Central Apartments) with guaranteed weekly rent for at least 3 years.

Equally, if someone wants to run their own holiday letting style operation, the owners are happy to step aside and let you do so.

The 5 separately-titled apartments can be purchased individually, or as a whole, if you’d prefer. Plus are available with or without the stylish furnishings, with or without tenancy, the options are available for you to turn your piece of Revive Central Apartments into what you will make of it.

The opportunity is yours; Invest, Operate or Move-in!

For a more detail on the apartments for sale, click here.